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Teaching Creates All Other Professions

Nourishing a range of intelligence that cultivates own unique profile of abilities. Leveraging on identified areas of strength, the child becomes more engaged in learning and better behaved. Upon understanding different areas of cognition, educators will be able to plan a suitable curriculum delivery so that no students gets left behind.

Inspired by Professor Howard Gardner, the Theory of Multiple Intelligences provides a backbone for the cultivating an individualistic and personalised path of education.

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About Us

8 Gards is a one-stop solution provider for a diagnostic toolkit to assess a child’s inclination in the various domains of Multiple Intelligences.

Inspired by Professor Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligence, we had manufactured a set of stimulating toys to perform simple tasks together with an easy-to-use tablet app to record the child’s performance so as to generate a empirical score to ascertain the child’s inclination in the 8 domains, namely Linguistic, Logical-Mathematical, Visual- Spatial, Bodily-Kinesthetics, Musical, Naturalistic, Interpersonal and Interpersonal.

This result would allow you to understand your child’s inclination for the purpose of further developing the areas of interest or supplementing their areas of limitations.

We hope that this exercise would further enhance your bonding with your child by performing the tasks together.

“Every child is a blessing and should be raised to become a blessing to others.”
― Edmond Mbiaka

  • Identify

    The assessments were designed specifically to identify intellectual strengths and ability. As cognitive development is differentiated, each child has areas of relative strengths.

  • Understand

    With structured tasks that were modelled against meaningful real-world activities. Adult end states focuses on the abilities relevant to achieving significant and rewarding adult roles, such as reporter, mathematician, mechanic, singer, dancer and politician.

    Understanding their areas of inclination empowers you to make the right choices on her behalf, to further enhance the desired skill set to nurture her into a contributing adult.

  • Actions

    We had partnered with established enrichment institutions to provide heavily discounted course fees to carry the results into effective curriculum.

What others say about us

Much awaited digitisation of the theory. With the results, I can focus more on my boy’s areas of interest, rather than making him plays the piano

AndyDaddy of a 4 year old
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